Dear international Suzuki Flute students, teachers and families


Takeaki Miyamae

    This year marks the 50th anniversary since the TERI Flute Section was established. The Suzuki Flute School, which started in Japan, has now spread all over the world. The TERI flute is working on a commemorative magazine, and we plan to publish part of it on the TERI flute website.
   We are looking for short messages from Suzuki Flute School members in Japan and abroad. Please send us a message written in your “mother tongue”.
   We will post your message on the TERI Flute official website, so we are looking forward to receiving messages from those who can give us permission to post their names, affiliations, and messages.
-Suzuki flute students, alumni, instructors, and Suzuki people who have fond memories of the TERI flute.
-Write a message of up to 250 words in your native language.
  Episodes, memories, or anything else related to your relationship with TERI
-Attach an optional English or Japanese translation, especially if it is a language not covered by DeepL translator (
-Photo (optional, If you have a photo of your memories). JPEG file only, 1MB-4MB.
-Send your message to the following e-mail address:
-Deadline  July 25, 2021
Takeaki Miyamae
TERI Flute Committee
TERI Flute Teachers